We created several resources that promote parity compliance and consumer appeals. The resources target a variety of actors that are critical to full parity implementation, including legislators, regulators, advocates, and health plans. If you would like to learn more about any of the resources below, contact David Lloyd at david@thekennedyforum.org.

The Kennedy Forum and several other organizations offers a number of resources to help health plans and other stakeholders comply with the Federal Parity Law and similar state laws.  Below are some important resources:



Health Insurance Appeals Guide

Individuals can use The Health Insurance Appeals Guide:  A Consumer Guide for Filing Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (MH/SUD) Appeals to learn more about how to file a health insurance appeal.  The Guide was published by the Kennedy Forum and NAMI can be used by both consumers and providers to learn all about the steps of the internal and external appeals process.

Parity Registry Website

The Parity Registry website (www.parityregistry.org) provides invaluable information about what consumer rights are under the Federal Parity Law.  It also allows consumers to submit complaints about parity violations and identify key resources on a state level basis.

  • For helpful information regarding parity regulators and advocates to help file an appeal, click here.
  • If you would like to register a parity complaint to help the Kennedy Forum to highlight problems and promote common public policy objectives, click here.
  • To review Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) regarding how the Parity Law works and to better understand your rights, click here.