During 2021, The Kennedy Forum identified about 40 published court opinions related to the Federal Parity Law.   About 45% or 18 cases involve full or partial favorable rulings. Federal district courts decisions involving Parity Claims were adjudicated in 11 states (i.e. CA, IL, IN, MN, MO, NJ, SC, TN, UT, WA, and WI).  Over 50% of these cases were adjudicated in Utah, in large part due to the number of residential treatment centers (RTC) and outdoor behavioral health programs.  The parity legal cases involve full range of MH/SUD conditions and levels of care as detailed below.

2021 Parity Case Highlights

(in chronological order)


Doe v. Intermountain Health Care, Inc.

Patrick S. v. United Behavioral Health


Aton Ctr., Inc. V. Blue Cross & Blue Shield


Jane Doe v. United Behavioral Health

Jones v United Behavioral Health

Nathan W. v. Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Wis.

Smith v. Golden Rule Ins. Co

Scott M. v. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mass.


Brian S. V. United Healthcare Ins. Co.

Annemarie O. v. United Healthcare Ins. Co

D.K. v. United Behavioral Health


Rula A.-S. v. Aurora Health Care


M.S. v. Premera Blue Cross


David P. v. United Healthcare Ins. Co

Howard W. Providence Health Plan


Michael L. v. Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield


Bruce M. v. Aetna Life Insurance Company

Lyn M. v. Premera Blue Cross and Microsoft Corporation Welfare Plan


Peter E v. United Healthcare Services