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Below is the relevant legislation related to parity that has been introduced during the current or recently adjourned legislative session. State parity legislation passed in any state since 2008 is usually designed to increase compliance with the federal law and to strengthen state laws.

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Introduced Legislation

Regular Session: In recess
Governor’s Deadline: 7/1/2019


Primary Focus: Medical Management Limitation
Title/Description: An Act Regarding the Process for Obtaining Prior Authorization for Health Insurance Purposes
CitationLD 705
Introduced: 2/11/2019
Sponsor: Sen. Gratwick (D)
Status: Signed into law 6/13/2019
Summary: Among other things, SP 118 amends 24-A MRSA Section 4304, subsection 2 to prohibit insurers from subjecting MAT to prior authorization requirements.
Notes: N/A


LD 966
Introduced: 6/2015
Sponsor: Rep. Malaby
Status: Dead 6/2015
Summary: This bill was a concept bill that provided the framework for an eventual bill targeting increasing access to acute psychiatric care in inpatient setting. This concept bill proposes that the eventual bill would provide additional Mainecare reimbursement for long-stay mental health emergency department patients and patients waiting placement in psychiatric units.
LD 1090
Introduced: 3/2015
Sponsor: Rep. Sanderson
Status: Dead 6/2015
Summary: This bill tried to change state law so that a 2-year Medicaid pilot program would be established to test acupuncture services for substance use disorder treatment. Qualified providers treating participating MaineCare patients would be reimbursed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


LD 364
Introduced: 2/2011
Sponsor: Rep. Dion
Status: Dead 5/2011
Summary: This bill tried to require the Bureau of Insurance to conduct an examination of the state mental health parity law and submit a report on its findings to the Governor and the Legislature.
LD 1195
Introduced: 3/2011
Sponsor: Rep. Rotundo
Status: Dead 5/2011
Summary: This bill tried to change state law to require the state Department of Health and Human Services to increase reimbursement rates for mental health professionals that provide services for Medicaid patients. This would have raised rates for social workers and other similarly situated professionals from $55 per hour to $70 per hour.


LD 637
Introduced: 6/2009
Sponsor: Rep. Cain
Status: Dead 1/2010
Summary: This bill required Maine’s Medicaid Program, MaineCare, provide coverage for eligible adults with mental illness or autism.


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