Below is the relevant legislation related to parity that has been introduced during the current or recently adjourned legislative session. State parity legislation passed in any state since 2008 is usually designed to increase compliance with the federal law and to strengthen state laws.

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Introduced Legislation

Regular Session Adjourned 5/31/2019
Will convene N/A
Governor's Deadline 6/28/2019


HB 345
Introduced 2/2012
Sponsor Rep. McCutcheon
Status Dead 5/2012
This bill tried to change the state insurance law to add a section about autism coverage. Much of what is in this bill about autism coverage is similar to what is in the current section of the insurance law on autism coverage (summarized at the bottom of this page). Here are the ways this bill is different than what is currently in the law:


Introduced 1/2010
Sponsor Rep. Gibson
Status Dead 1/2010
Summary This bill tried to change the state insurance law so that individual plans, small employer fully-insured plans, and large employer fully-insured plans would have to cover marriage and family therapy. It would have required plans to set deductibles and coinsurance for marriage and family therapy at the same levels as for other medical services. It also would have forbade plans from limiting payment to or otherwise penalizing a physician who orders marriage and family therapy.

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