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This page lists some of the action toward parity compliance undertaken by state regulatory agencies since 2008.

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Action in the Regulatory Arena


The Oklahoma Insurance Department issued this press release that notified the public that “All insurance plans are required by law” to cover behavioral health conditions, including inpatient care and outpatient care. It advised Oklahoma residents that if they have “more questions about mental health insurance coverage, call the Oklahoma Insurance Department.”


Primary Focus Mandated Benefit: Provider
Agency Insurance Department
Title/Description Basic Health Care Services
Citation Okla. Admin. Code § 365:40-5-20

Basic health care services shall include, among other services, 20 outpatient visits per enrollee per year, as may be necessary and appropriate for short-term evaluative or crisis intervention mental health services, or both, and the diagnosis, medical treatment and referral services (including referral services to appropriate ancillary services) for the abuse of or addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Effective Date 7/14/2004

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Common Violations

In seeking care or services, be aware of the common ways parity rights can be violated.