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Below is the relevant legislation related to parity that has been introduced during the current or recently adjourned legislative session. State parity legislation passed in any state since 2008 is usually designed to increase compliance with the federal law and to strengthen state laws.

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Introduced Legislation

Regular Session Adjourned 3/25/2019
Will Convene N/A
Governor's Deadline 4/13/2019


HB 1257
Introduced 2/2014
Sponsor The Committee on Health and Human Services
Status Dead 3/2014

This bill tried to add a section to the state insurance law about autism coverage. Here is how this section is different than the section that is currently in the law (summarized at the bottom of this page under “South Dakota Parity Law”):

  • Financial requirements for autism services must be the same as what are in place for other medical services
  • Autism spectrum disorder is defined “pervasive developmental disorders or autism spectrum disorders” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) at the time of diagnosis
  • No annual maximum or age limits in place for applied behavior analysis
  • Plans can only review a child’s treatment plan once a year
  • Psychiatric care and psychological care are part of the definition of treatment for autism
  • Requires the Division of Insurance to file an annual report detailing costs associated with coverage for autism services


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