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Legislation Signed into Law


SB 190
Introduced 2/2015
Sponsor Sens. Solano, Brown, and Rave and Reps. Munsterman, Cronin, Gosch, and Westra
Status Signed into Law 3/2015
Summary Among other things, this bill added the section to the state insurance law about autism coverage. That section is summarized at the bottom of this page under “South Dakota Parity Law.”


SB 108
Introduced 1/2014
Sponsor Sen. Rave and Rep. Cronin

This bill ordered the state Department of Human Services and the state Department of Labor and Regulation (responsible for insurance regulation) to perform a study about autism services and insurance coverage for autism services, including associated costs. The departments were to report their findings to the Governor and the Legislature by November of 2014.

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