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Primary Focus Requires Department of Financial Services to submit report on access to behavioral health care services
Title/Description Behavioral Health Care Services Coverage and Access

 Florida Statutes Sections 624.36, 627.4215, and 641.31085


By January 31, 2022, the department must submit a report to the governor, state senate president and state house speaker which highlights complaints received from insured and subscribers of health plans regarding the access and affordability of behavioral health services.  Key consumer information also must be made available via insurer and HMO websites regarding federal and state requirements for behavioral health care services.

Effective Date October 1, 2021

Enacted through FL HB 701; signed by the Governor on June 21, 2021.  Interestingly, it appears that the Department of Financial Services report is a one-time requirement.


Primary Focus Mental Health Awareness and Assistance
Title/Description Continuing education and inservice training for youth mental health awareness and assistance.
Citation FLA. STAT. § 1012.584

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, the Department of Education shall establish an evidence-based youth mental health awareness and assistance training program to help school personnel identify and understand the signs of emotional disturbance, mental illness, and substance abuse disorders and provide such personnel with the skills to help a person who is developing or experiencing an emotional disturbance, mental health, or substance use problem.

Effective Date Approved by the Governor 3/9/2018

This law was included as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act from Senate Bill 7026 passed by the Florida 2018 Legislature.


HB 221
Introduced 9/2015
Sponsor Rep. Trujillo
Status Signed into Law 4/2016

Among many other things, this bill changed the sections of state law about autism coverage so that Down Syndrome is now an included condition (the relevant sections are summarized at the bottom of this page).

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