Unfortunately, this state has no published enforcement actions relating to mental health parity.  This needs to change.    If you live in this state and are having coverage issues, make sure you file complaints with the applicable regulator in your state.

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In addition, the U.S. Department of Labor also has pursued enforcement actions against several health plans which are mostly self-funded as highlighted in its 2020 Report to Congress.  In this report, the Department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) has conducted approximately 2,000 investigations in which MHPAEA compliance was reviewed, and cited approximately 345 violations that involve MH/SUD benefits. These MHPAEA violations included impermissible annual and lifetime dollar limits, improper financial requirements, quantitative treatment limitations (QTLs) such as higher copayments or lower visit limits than for medical/surgical services, and impermissible nonquantitative treatment limitations (NQTLs), including overly restrictive fail-first policies, prior authorization requirements, and written treatment plan requirements.

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Common Violations

In seeking care or services, be aware of the common ways parity rights can be violated.