This page lists some of the action toward parity compliance undertaken by state regulatory agencies since 2008.

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Action in the Regulatory Arena


Nevada’s Division of Insurance has a document (pdf | Get Adobe® Reader®) that shows the coverage provided in its Essential Health Benefits (EHB) Benchmark Plans for 2017. The document contains information on the coverage provided for mental health services, substance use disorder services, and autism services. Accompanying this is a PowerPoint (pdf | Get Adobe® Reader®) that explains that plans – except state employee plans – are no longer allowed to have a $36,000 annual maximum for applied behavior analysis. even though this is allowed in the section of the state insurance law about autism services. The 2016 Benchmark Plan (pdf | Get Adobe® Reader®) still allows this (found on page 5).


Nevada’s Division of Insurance released a reference document (pdf | Get Adobe® Reader®) that lists what is required of individual plans, small employer fully-insured plans, and large employer fully-insured plans. The list includes:

  • Plans must cover autism services
  • Large employer fully-insured plans must comply with the Federal Parity Law
  • Individual plans and small employer fully-insured plans must cover mental health services
  • Individual plans and small employer fully-insured plans must cover substance use disorder services

National Parity Map

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Common Violations

In seeking care or services, be aware of the common ways parity rights can be violated.